Macaws. Cockatoos. African Greys. Yellow Naped Amazon. French Bulldog Pups. Pygmy Marmoset Monkeys.

Please scroll down to read more about our parrots. Use the Contact Us page to get back to us with the name of the bird you want, shipping available nationwide!

Please scroll down to read more about our parrots. Use the Contact Us page to get back to us with the name of the bird you want, shipping available nationwide!

Thanks for visiting Exotic Pets Place where you can discover more about the wonderful array of exotic birds that we breed African Grey Congos, Blue & Gold Macaw, Green Wing Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Moluccan Cockatoos & Double Yellow Headed Amazon. Our birds are weaned on a large variety of foods, including Roudybush pellets, sprouts, fresh fruits, veggies, and a little seed.

We are small in-home-breeders. We are located in MIDLAND, TEXAS. Our birds are up for adoption and we are giving them at this price because our breeding property is up for foreclosure by the bank since the passed away of our dad. We are currently looking for loving, caring  and great forever homes for our birds and will give only to approved homes. We take enormous pride in personally rearing high quality birds, each has the very best start in life in a spacious environment and receives expert care and attention during this time.

All of our birds are raised in the warmth and safety of our home. Full-Spectrum Lighting & Air-cleaners for fresh air. Our birds are all parent raised for about 21 days until we start the hand raising. Our birds are lovingly hand raised by us (Tex, Jasmine and Joyce) in our smoke-free home. They are spoon fed, not crop fed. This means that we spend more time with them at each feeding. We have the vet Microchipped them at the vet check up. All our birds are played with regularly and introduced to a variety of sights and sounds.

Our birds are all DNA-tested males and females, hatched and hand raised in our house, ringed with sex and date of birth. Our birds are hand-fed, handled all the time, tamed, have been fully weaned, vetted, well-socialized with adults, children and animals. They easily adapt to new living environment. They come with 100% health guarantee or refund guarantee, their vocabulary/talking ability is excellent and they are close banded. Our birds are sweet, happy, playful and raised like human babies with hand feeding and loving care. All birds have been trained to step up and are home raised by us and our late dad.

We guarantee that our birds will be accepting of a man or woman in their new-home. Our birds do not pluck their feathers, they do not bite nor make loud noises, they love to be cuddled, give little kisses, will make a wonderful addition to your home and life. We reserve the right to refuse to place any of our birds if we feel its not the right home for them. Our parent birds are housed in our aviary, in spacious, meticulously clean cages with natural foliage, full-spectrum-lighting, loads of toys and "rainforest music"


3 Toys &  Cage

DNA Certificate 

Hatch Certificate 

Adoption Certificate

Feeding Instructions

Written Health Warranty 

Written Care Instructions


          Names: Mac & Letia                                                                      Characteristic:

 Sex: Male & Female                                                                             Playful

  Age: 4 Months Old                                                                              Talking

      Shipping Cost: $179.00                                                                     Hand-fed 

  Price: $550 Each or  $750 Pair                                                            Well Tame


          Names: Mik & Viola                                                                       Characteristic:

 Sex: Male & Female                                                                             Playful

  Age: 4 Months Old                                                                              Talking

      Shipping Cost: $179.00                                                                     Hand-fed 

  Price: $530 Each or  $760 Pair                                                            Well Tame


      Names: Lynk & Lisa                                                                    Characteristic:

Sex: Male & Female                                                                             Playful

Age: 5 Months Old                                                                              Talking

     Shipping Cost: $179.00                                                                    Hand-fed 

Price: $630 Each or  $870 Pair                                                         Well Tame


      Names: Tango & Timi                                                                   Characteristic:

Sex: Male & Female                                                                             Playful

Age: 4 Months Old                                                                              Talking

     Shipping Cost: $179.00                                                                    Hand-fed 

Price: $600 Each or  $850 Pair                                                         Well Tame


       Names: Sim & Jeni                                                                     Characteristic:

  Sex: Male & Female                                                                             Playful

   Age: 6 Months Old                                                                              Talking

       Shipping Cost: $179.00                                                                  Hand-fed 

Price: $580 Each or  $800 Pair                                                           Well Tame


          Names: Vins & Lula                                                                       Characteristic:

    Sex: Male & Female                                                                             Playful

    Age: 4 Months Old                                                                              Talking

       Shipping Cost: $179.00                                                                      Hand-fed 

Price: $580 Each or  $800 Pair                                                               Well Tame


46" L x 36" W x 63" H (Large Birds)

22-3/4" x 19-1/4" x 27" high (Medium Birds)


We have the strongest bird guarantee, and more importantly, we stand behind our guarantee. The guarantee is simple: We guarantee that we are giving you a perfectly healthy bird, birds do not have a pre-existing life threatening condition and free from all disease at the time of adoption. To verify that guarantee, within 72-hours you need to go to an avian veterinarian and get any and all testing you prefer to do on your bird, at your expense.

We can guide you as to the tests we suggest. If the results are not perfect but the bird can be easily treated, then we pay for all medications and all treatment. If the results are unacceptable then we either replace your bird or refund 100% of the adoption price of your bird, at your option. If you choose not to have a health check performed during the 72-hour period after your new companion arrives, the health guarantee is void.


If you are located too far away to visit us and pick up your bird, we have a couple options to chose from.  We are located in the Midland airport area and are within an easy drive of Midland International Airport. We ship using Delta Pet First or United  Airlines' Pet-Safe. We also offer home delivery whereby your bird will be brought to your home by an airport argent in a delivery van design to suit the needs of your bird.


Our birds are shipped in an airline approved wooden carrier or plastic pet kennels that we customize depending on the type of bird, the distance or duration, and the number of birds. They ride in a special climate controlled and pressurized compartment on the plane which is no difference from the cabin. They are not in the same compartment as the passenger luggage. We use the airlines because it is the fastest way to transport the birds from our place to yours. Although traveling is not that hard on them, we do not like to make them spend any more time than absolutely necessary in transit. For this reason we also look for the shortest route and always schedule direct flights if possible.

Our shipping crates are clearly marked with colorful "LIVE ANIMALS" and "UP" stickers. We mark the crates clearly with the destination airport, the confirmation number, the phone and address of the customer. When we know that a baby is going to be shipped, we play with them in the crate prior to shipping so they are used to it. They have never shown fear of the crate. We put lots of seeds and plenty of fruits and vegetables in the shipping crate. The fruits and vegetables provide all the moisture the bird need during delivery. One reason we do this is in case, in the unlikely event the bird should get stuck at an airport overnight (because of connecting flight trouble), we don't have to worry if they have enough to eat or drink. We also only ship fully weaned birds.

We check weather conditions at the receiving end and only ship when we consider it safe to do so. We put our birds' health above all other considerations and do not ship when we feel it could be dangerous to the birds' well-being. We usually ship Monday through Saturday. We guarantee safe and healthy arrival of your bird. We WILL NOT SHIP if we feel that weather conditions are hazardous for the bird. Payment for your bird and shipping must be paid directly to us or the shipping company for the shipment of your bird, whichever method you prefer, just let us know the bird you want for us to begin arrangement. Shipping companies accepts money order for payment, use money order if you want your bird shipped within 24 hours. Please note some shipping companies may need full payment before delivery, how the shipping companies want their money is none of our business.  


It has been our experience that shipping is not hard on the birds.The birds are used to new experiences and sounds almost daily. They are exposed to a wide variety of things while being raised in our nursery and home. As far as they are concerned, it is perfectly normal for them to get on an airplane. About the only sign of any stress is sometimes on the post ship veterinarian exam, there is a slightly elevated growth of gram negative bacteria but this is a fairly normal reaction to being shipped. Once they get to their new homes, sometimes it takes them a day or two to settle in, but by far, the vast majority of people tell us the bird just steps right out of the shipping crate and acts right at home.


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